Empire Of None

Personal Work - In Progress

In 2012 the predominant corporation in moulding kids' fantasies bought George Lucas' STAR WARS franchise. They took stock, cannibalized the galaxy far away and turned it into a soulless pile of s***. Like the Death Star they practically wiped out a whole range of charismatic figures and beautiful places by not sticking with the numerous novels following Episode VI. There will never be a Mara Jade, no Solo siblings, no Grand Admiral Thrawn, no Noghri and so on. In my opinion, these characters and stories are far more emotional, thrilling and marvelous. And of course, they also killed Han Solo. WTF!?! Nobody kills Han Solo! Especially not that whiny creep Kylo Ren. Just another weak villain in contemporary cinema.

In order to digest the dilemma I came up with the series »Empire of None« - my reflection on the current nervous and unintentionally hilarious approach of reinventing Star Wars. My paintings take you to quiet places and depict the boredom of being a stormtrooper on everyday duty to maintain control over the galaxy. An empire that belongs to no one. Since this is a work in progress the saga will continue.

Role: Concept Artist