UI : Soon we will all be one

Short Film

When hard-bitten ranger Kira is sent out to retrieve a drone that has gone astray, she discovers a mysterious, large object in the vast ice lands of Antarctica. Little does she know that inside this object waits a lethal trap not only for her, but for mankind.

Production: Eat My Dear & Wideshot Entertainment

Role: Editor

Special Edition Poster


Passionate Film Making

»UI : SOON WE WILL ALL BE ONE« is an independent science fiction short. A lot of spare time and passion went into the montage of this film. The directing & producing duo Johannes Mücke and Patrick Sturm were no strangers to me before the production of »UI«. Johannes is well known for being lead concept artist for Roland Emmerich's »INDEPENDANCE DAY - RESURGENCE« and Patrick is the founder of EAT MY DEAR, the best VFX boutique in town. So I was truly honored being able to work with such high profile artists. »UI« is a dystopic vision about artificial intelligence and by nature a fascinating topic to creatively deal with. So given the directors' unconventional yet abstract approach in discussing AI in a film narrative, constructing an imperative base logic and establishing an absorbing emotional tone for the viewer was key for the success of »UI«. Our approach to editing this film was free minded and set to open communication on all channels. In my opinion, a very productive collaborative take on film making I highly treasure. Johannes and Patrick were always sincere and open for debate. Ultimately, I think that is what made the experience of editing »UI : SOON WE WILL ALL BE ONE« a great delight: a bunch of people paying respect to each other while throwing ideas through the room. Thank you Mücke, thank you Patrick!

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Making Of


Produced by
Wideshot Entertainment
Eat My Dear

Tanja Petrovsky

Petra Korner, AAC

Karwan Marouf

Costume Design
Kithe Brewster
David Arno Schwaiger

Production Design
Johannes Mücke

VFX Supervisor
Patrick Sturm
Markus Hornof

Sound Design
Bernd Dormayer

Sound Postproduction
Co-Produced by
Hoffenscher Architekten

Co-Produced by
Zero Division

Executive Producer
Christine Ajayi

Written by
Johannes Mücke

Directed by
Johannes Mücke
Patrick Sturm